In the current e-commerce landscape, there are many different types of payment gateways available to merchants. While having options is generally a good thing, it can also be overwhelming – especially when it comes to deciding which gateway to use for your business. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is payment gateway aggregation. Gateway [&

Payment aggregation is also known by the term merchant aggregation. This business model allows a third-party provider of payments, also known as the ‘payment aggregator’, to sign up merchants under its merchant identification number (MID) in order for them all to be processed through one master account. Examples include Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Pa

An online payment system facilitates electronic payments for transactions online. It has grown in popularity because of the increasing use of online shopping and electronic banking.  A transaction that is online usually is the process of transferring funds from a client’s account to the merchant’s bank account. The online transaction can be made

Have you ever thought about how many credit card accounts exist around the globe? Based on rough estimates there are more than 3 billion and that number is growing. The number of fraud cases keep on increasing, too. In fact, the total amount of losses from card fraud globally are predicted to be over $35 […]

The merchant ID number can be described as a minuscule code that plays an important role in every transaction. The MID determines the process of transferring funds from the bank that issued the check through the trade account. It is also crucial in preventing errors in the transfer funds. What is a Merchant ID? A […]