The world is moving towards a cashless future. In developed countries like the US, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, cash is being used less and less for transactions. In Sweden, for instance, only 3% of transactions are made using cash. There are several reasons for this shift. First, it’s more convenient to use a card […]

Economic growth has no limits in the current financial system. Customers and sales are coming out of nowhere, creating new opportunities for both market leaders and emerging companies. Despite further advancements and outages in AI, financing technology and real-time payments, online retailers continue to set limits for certain customers without being consci

If you’re an online business owner and set up your items to be displayed on the internet, choosing the right Payment Gateway is crucial. When the products purchased have been added to an online shopping cart, the buyer can then checkout. This is where the function of the Payment Gateway comes into play. It allows […]

The Merchant Category Code (MCC) classifies a company’s category. Payment systems use merchant category codes to distinguish and categorize retailers and companies based on the services/goods that they sell. For example, retail stores use one code, while booking sites will use another. The standard ISO 18245 defines the professional business code. Thes